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In 1965, one man challenged an idea that the world accepted as fact. This small rebellion drove progress that changed the kitchen forever. An expert in the industry of moving air, Lou Jenn defied convention and physics itself to bring downdraft ventilation into our kitchens, eliminating the need for an overhead hood. For the first time, designers and architects were free to create the kitchen as they saw it: Open. Tearing down walls to create clear, unrestricted sightlines that draw energy in, instead of blocking it out.

Seize the kitchen with 360ยบ performance that eclipses every expectation of professional luxury. Master your cooking with precise heat control of dual stacked gas burners, and steady heat waves around each flat tine of your oven with dual fan convection. Revel in the trinity of food preservation: three temperature zones, three precision sensors, calibrated every second.

As an Authorized Service Provider for JennAir, Nimbly Appliance Repair is a Trained Service Provider for JennAir products and uses only Genuine JennAir Parts.

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